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Choccy Sweet Chef provides a unique and beautiful experience, making them leaders in the luxury confectionery market and have proved incredibly popular as high-end gifts.

Next time you’re having a party, why not ditch the cupcakes for a Smash Cake packed with an assortment of sweets.

As our range continues to evolve we create more interesting treats, flavoured Chocolate bars, Chocolate Flavoured Stirrers, Seasonal Chocolate Surprises and more...


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Handcrafted bespoke Chocolate Smash Cakes and Chocolate Creations made from the finest Belgian Chocolate, the perfect gift for the chocolate lover from Choccy Sweet Chef!

Choccy Sweet Chef Siobhan Sweet


Choccy Sweet Chef Logo

Siobhan has remarkable experience, both as a Patissier and a Chocolatier, working world wide and becoming one of the first Female Michelin Star Head Pastry Chefs in the country, running a large Pastry Kitchen and Bakery for nine years. Then after starting a family decided to change direction and became a lecturer, teaching and coaching pastry chefs of all ages for over 20 years.


Siobhan says...

“As my passion for working with chocolate grew over the years ‘Choccy Sweet Chef’ was born. I wanted to create a product range which utilised my artistic skills and my business experience to make something unique. People love to receive a gift which has been made for them and there’s a particular pleasure in beautiful looking quality chocolate. This concept lead me to the idea of mixing quality, style, art and fun, creating 'Smash Cakes' for everyone, on any occasion”

Customers can either choose from already developed designs or opt for bespoke Smash Cakes, for Birthdays, Corporate Gifts, Christenings, Weddings, Wedding Favours, Baby Showers (Reveal Smash Cakes), Valentines, Mother’s Day and Halloween, the list is endless! Choccy Sweet Chef also cater for gluten-free clients ensuring each handmade crafted Smash Cake is a piece of edible art.


Siobhan says the best part is when her clients send videos and photos , “watching everyone’s reactions when smashing their cakes is fantastic! A Smash Cake is new, different and exciting. You definitely get the wow factor when everyone gathers around for the Big Smash, it creates energy, excitement and takes celebrating to the next level of fun”

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“WOW!!! Your Smash Cakes are the Best thing i've ever ordered! The perfect surprise for my sisters birthday. Amazing service, now a must have for us at every celebration.” 

- Alina Riaz -

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